While food has always been an important and (literally) vital part of our human lives, it definitely has become more trendy in the past 5 years. There's viral food trends such as cronuts and rainbow-colored bagels, there are chefs like David Chang or Nigella Lawson who are worshipped like rockstars - street food trucks, farm-to-table, juice cleanses, etc. And somewhere in there, food tours have emerged too. What is a food tour? Why should you go on one? And what can you expect? And most importantly: Do we really need one of these food tours in Vienna, Austria?

The short answer: Yes, we most definitely do.

The long answer: Food tours are not a new concept at all. They're amazingly popular all over South East Asia, where they actually focus more on street food, but have been also become one of the most favorite ways of getting to know a new city in the US and Europe. Basically, a food tour is a guided tour through the city with several stops at bars and restaurants, giving tourists a glimpse into what life in a city is like for the people who actually live there. It's a fun night out with like-minded people who are happy to discover the city's main sights and landmarks on their own, but would love to get an actual feeling for the city and country they live in simply by walking through it. How much rent do we pay for a 3-bedroom-apartment? Are groceries expensive? How does politics influence our daily lives? You know, all those things you won't find in a travel guide. All clear? If not, feel free to check out our FAQ section or shoot us an email - we're happy to help!

With XO Tours in Saigon, Vietnam

With XO Tours in Saigon, Vietnam

When my husband and I travel, we always want to find a connection with the country and its people. To us, it's fascinating to hear about how people go about their lives, what they do for a living, what their challenges and hopes are. And because we love to eat and cook, we're also interested in whether they eat more homemade meals or take-out, whether their diets consist of more meat or veggies and what spices they love to use. That's why we love to go on food tours! Not only can you be sure you are not going to right into tourist traps who sell you overprized and oversized versions of what they claim to be traditional cuisine, you will also be able to spend a few hours with locals who can answer all those questions you won't find anywhere else.

With Vienna Food Tours, you can totally pretend to be a local too - at least, for a few hours. We'll take you to places where we ourselves love to go out to have a great meal and a good time. We'll show you there's much more to Viennese cuisine than Schnitzel and pork roast, and we're also happy to introduce you to a few amazing wines and beers along the way.

So that's why we need a food tour in Vienna, too: Because there's too much to eat and too little time to figure it out by yourself. Hungry now? Then book your tickets right away. We'll be waiting for you!