5 Markets to Visit in Vienna besides Naschmarkt

Just like plenty of other people, we love to visit markets while travelling: There's great food, excellent people-watching and the opportunity to find out a little how people shop, eat and live. 

Many travel guides like to point out Naschmarkt when it comes to Vienna as THE best market to check out, and while that is technically not wrong, Naschmarkt is definitely not one of the places the locals like to frequent on a regular basis. Sure, the restaurants and cafés such as Tewa, Neni or Umarfisch are popular and serve great food (even if not traditionally Austrian) but the actual market is overrun, overpriced and also a little repetitive, if we're being completely honest. Which is why we decided to put together a little list of Viennese farmers markets you should definitely check out when in town. 

5 Markets You Must Visit in Vienna Besides Naschmarkt

Karmelitermarkt: The locals' favorite

Karmelitermarkt in Vienna's second district is one of the oldest markets in town and a true favorite among locals. 80 stalls make up for a nice selection of fruits, vegetables, organic meat and dairy as well as local delicacies such as horse meat. It is also one of the lesser visited markets, making it easy to blend in with the Viennese. We especially love to go first thing in the morning and then head over to Schöne Perle for lunch or Fett+Zucker for something sweet.

Brunnenmarkt: A slice of the Orient

Located in Vienna's bustling and diverse 16th district, Brunnenmarkt boasts over 150 stalls which makes it one of the largest and also cheapest markets in town. A large amount of Turkish vendors sell delicious and seasonal fruits and vegetables every day while on Saturday there are additional farmers coming from out of town to offer their organic delicacies. Definitely check out the many wonderful cafés around Yppenplatz - our favorites are Café Frida and Wirr am Brunnenmarkt

Freyung: Organic weekends

This 100% organic farmers market is only open on Fridays and Saturdays, but it's definitely worth a stop: A fine selection of 20 stalls present their products, from cosmetics make of bees wax to fruits and vegetables, bread, wine and cheese.  A great place to stop by if you are making your way through Vienna's first district. Website

Kutschkermarkt: Stroll & sample

Vienna's 18th district is one of the most affluent and beautiful areas of our city. It comes to no surprise then that the cute little Kutschkermarkt is also known for its excellent stalls and vendors. You will meet many locals who shop there at least twice a week - and it's also one of the last markets actually located on a street as opposed to on a square. Plenty of seasonal and regional produce as well as beautiful flowers and cute little cafés make for a wonderful time. Website

Rochusmarkt: Where less is more

Small but popular Rochusmarkt is located in Vienna's third district. Officially opened in 1988, it has undergone its ups and downs since then - today, it boasts a nice mix of sausage stands, butchers, bakeries as well as stalls offering fruits and vegetables.

5 Markets You Must Visit in Vienna Besides Naschmarkt