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5 Markets to Visit in Vienna besides Naschmarkt

Just like plenty of other people, we love to visit markets while travelling: There's great food, excellent people-watching and the opportunity to find out a little how people shop, eat and live. 

Many travel guides like to point out Naschmarkt when it comes to Vienna as THE best market to check out, and while that is technically not wrong, Naschmarkt is definitely not one of the places the locals like to frequent on a regular basis. Sure, the restaurants and cafés such as Tewa, Neni or Umarfisch are popular and serve great food (even if not traditionally Austrian) but the actual market is overrun, overpriced and also a little repetitive, if we're being completely honest. Which is why we decided to put together a little list of Viennese farmers markets you should definitely check out when in town. 

5 Markets to Visit in Vienna

Karmelitermarkt: The locals' favorite

Karmelitermarkt in Vienna's second district is one of the oldest markets in town and a true favorite among locals. 80 stalls make up for a nice selection of fruits, vegetables, organic meat and dairy as well as local delicacies such as horse meat. It is also one of the lesser visited markets, making it easy to blend in with the Viennese. We especially love to go first thing in the morning and then head over to Schöne Perle for lunch or Fett+Zucker for something sweet.

5 Markets to Visit in Vienna

Brunnenmarkt: A slice of the Orient

Located in Vienna's bustling and diverse 16th district, Brunnenmarkt boasts over 150 stalls which makes it one of the largest and also cheapest markets in town. A large amount of Turkish vendors sell delicious and seasonal fruits and vegetables every day while on Saturday there are additional farmers coming from out of town to offer their organic delicacies. Definitely check out the many wonderful cafés around Yppenplatz - our favorites are Café Frida and Wirr am Brunnenmarkt

5 Markets to Visit in Vienna

Freyung: Organic weekends

This 100% organic farmers market is only open on Fridays and Saturdays, but it's definitely worth a stop: A fine selection of 20 stalls present their products, from cosmetics make of bees wax to fruits and vegetables, bread, wine and cheese.  A great place to stop by if you are making your way through Vienna's first district.


5 Markets to Visit in Vienna

Kutschkermarkt: Stroll & sample

Vienna's 18th district is one of the most affluent and beautiful areas of our city. It comes to no surprise then that the cute little Kutschkermarkt is also known for its excellent stalls and vendors. You will meet many locals who shop there at least twice a week - and it's also one of the last markets actually located on a street as opposed to on a square. Plenty of seasonal and regional produce as well as beautiful flowers and cute little cafés make for a wonderful time. 


5 Markets to Visit in Vienna

Rochusmarkt: Where less is more

Small but popular Rochusmarkt is located in Vienna's third district. Officially opened in 1988, it has undergone its ups and downs since then - today, it boasts a nice mix of sausage stands, butchers, bakeries as well as stalls offering fruits and vegetables.

Our 5 favorite day trips from Vienna


Even though you can definitely easily spend a week in Vienna just to take in all the sights and museums, soak up the atmosphere and of course eat all the amazing food we understand a lot of visitors like to see as much as possible during their stay. So why not squeeze in a day trip? You don't even necessarily have to rent a car (although it can definitely be more convenient) since our train network is both quite extensive, well-run and affordable.

So whether it's another city or an escape into the Austrian countryside you're looking for, we've got it covered. Here are our 5 favorite day trips from Vienna, all of them reachable within 1.5 hours tops via car or train.


Explore Wachau valley and its amazing wineries

The beautiful Wachau valley is one of Austria's main wine regions. Located right next to the Danube river, the rolling hills boast countless vineyards and just as many wineries which beg to be visited and sampled. It has recently become a very popular spot for weddings because of its laid-back and natural vibes. There's amazing food and drink to be had at very good value for money, too - and if you want to top it off with a few sights, how about Melk Abbey or the ruins of Duernstein castle?

Start planning your day trip to Wachau right here.


Spend time lakeside at Neusiedl am See

Fondly referred to as "Sea of the Viennese" because of its close proximity to the country's capital, Lake Neusiedl definitely has a lot more to offer.  How about relaxing and recharging at St. Martins Therme & Lodge? Explore tiny little villages such as Rust or Purbach? Catch a concert in a unique setting at Seefestspiele Mörbisch? Some of the best wineries in the country are also located around the lake. Our favorites: Scheiblhofer winery or Gut Oggau.

Start planning your day trip to Neusiedl am See right here.


Check another country off your bucket list in Bratislava

Just an hour away from Vienna, the capital of Slovakia can be easily visited in a day. Just like Vienna, it's located right next to the Danube and has plenty to offer, from a quaint and picturesque old town to sights such as the Bratislava castle or the Old City museum. Make sure to try Bryndzové halušky (small, spaetzle-like dumplings with sheep's cheese called bryndza and topped with pieces of meat) which is the country's national dish. We would also suggest taking the Twin City Liner ferry from Vienna to Bratislava - such a fun way to travel!

Start planning your day trip to Bratislava right here.


A day on the slopes at Stuhleck

If you're visiting Vienna somewhere between November and April and you're looking for a way to burn off all those Apfelstrudel and Sachertorte slices you have been enjoying, here's a thought: Why not spend a day on the slopes at Stuhleck? This ski resort is just outside of the city and offers several snow and fun parks including ten lifts operate on a total of 24km downhill slopes. If you're more an aprés-ski kinda person, don't fret: There are several huts for lunch or afternoon breaks, too.

Start planning your day trip to Stuhleck right here.


Take a hike at Raxalpe

How about checking out a part of the famous Alps while you're around? The Rax belongs to the northernmost part of the Kalkalpen and has plenty of different hikes to offer for everyone. The scenery is beautiful, the air is crisp and clear and if you're feeling a little lazy you can opt for the famous Rax cable car instead. Make sure you stop by picturesque Reichenau, a town which became a summer resort of the Viennese nobility in the 19th century.

Start planning your day trip to Raxalpe right here.

5 amazing day trips from vienna austria
Where to get the best ice cream in Vienna

By now, summer has definitely arrived in Vienna. And even though there's plenty of ways to cool down (hide out in a church, check out a museum or head to the Danube Island to dip your toes into the water as the Viennese do) here's our favorite one: ICE CREAM! There's an unofficial rule that as soon as the temperature hits 30°C (that's around 86°F) it's totally OK to have ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Right? 

No matter what you're after - we have rounded up our favorite 5 ice cream parlors in the city. From traditional to super-trendy, here's where it's at!

1. Eissalon Tichy, 1100 Vienna

What, you've never heard anything about the 10th district in Vienna? That's too bad - not only is it home to 160.000 people of all sorts of backgrounds, it's also where in 1952 Kurt and Marianne Tichy opened their ice cream shop featuring classic and traditional flavors. Today, they are most famous for their ice cream version of one of Austria's most famous desserts: Apricot dumplings. Ask any true Viennese about their first Tichy experience - this is what it all comes back to.

Vienna Food Tours Picks: Where to get the best ice cream in Vienna

2. Gelateria Romana dal 1947, 1070 Vienna

This ice cream parlor opened its doors only last summer - but already turned into an absolute favorite. Not far from the popular shopping destination Mariahilferstrasse it offers traditional Italian ice cream in 24 delicious flavors (our favorite: Crema di Nocciola!). Psssst: Ask them to add a little hot chocolate to the bottom of your cone for free. You won't regret it!

3. Veganista, 1070 and 1090 Vienna

Vegans, rejoice! Even though the Viennese do love their milk, there's options for you too. At Veganista, ice cream is freshly made every morning - completely free from milk, eggs or other animal products. Exotic and original flavors such as matcha, coconut or watermelon are sure to delight your tastebuds and help you get other the slightly more expensive price.

Vienna Food Tours: Our favorite ice cream parlors in the city

4. Gefrorenes, 1090 and 1180 Vienna

Another recently opened ice cream parlor, Gefrorenes (which literally means "frozen") has one outpost close to the city center and another one in Vienna's beautiful 18th district. Both of them feature delicious flavors made after traditional Austrian recipes. With names like "Apple stroodle", "Sissi Almond" and "Sachertorte" there's no doubt you've come to the right place!

Vienna Food Tour Picks: Where to get the best ice cream in Vienna

5. Eissalon Tuchlauben, 1010 Vienna

Referring to themselves as "the best ice cream in the world", this one has been a locals' favorite for the longest time. In addition to their large variety of traditional flavors they have seasonal specials such as nougat, fig or woodland strawberry. It's neither super trendy nor incredibly stylish - but it serves excellent ice cream fast and friendly. Works for us!