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Thank you so much for joining us on a food tour! If you’re still a little hungry, there’s plenty more: Here is a list of our favorite picks throughout Vienna. For all you heavy mobile users we’ve also put together a handy Google Maps list with all of the below included! Check it out here.


vienna sausages

austrian Restaurants

Even though our food tour gives you a great overview of the more modern & updated Viennese Cuisine, there’s plenty of other great options to choose from when you’re in need of a real Wiener Schnitzel or pork roast. Our favorites include the centrally located Gmoakeller (1030), Rudi’s Beisl (1050) which is a true Viennese institution, Das Rebhuhn (1090) featuring classic Austrian interior design and Minoritenstüberl (1010), which is only open from 11am to 2pm Monday to Friday but full of students and office workers alike. Meissl & Schadn (1010) is another great place for Schnitzel and Tafelspitz; a bit more upscale, but from Monday to Friday they have a wonderful & reasonably-priced lunch menu with excellent Austrian cuisine.

Viennese Cafés

They are open until late, serve great coffee and pastries and their waiters are not always grumpy. Here’s our favorite cafés in Vienna where you can’t go wrong: Café Korb (1010) has been around forever – rightfully so! Many songs have been written about Café Hawelka (1010), Café Sperl (1060) is where you meet an eclectic mix of locals and tourists, and Café Diglas or Café Demel are household names ever since they opened in Vienna over almost 100 years ago. If you are looking for a slightly younger crowd, Café Jelinek (1060) is where it’s at: They serve breakfast from 9am to 10pm and are one of the few 100% non-smoking coffeehouses in the city.


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farmer’s markets

If you want to mingle with the locals (who rarely buy their groceries at the overpriced and overrun Naschmarkt), try the Brunnenmarkt (1160), Karmelitermarkt (1020) or Kutschkermarkt (1180). Not only do they feature countless stalls with local delicacies, they also show you the ethnic diversity Vienna and thus its cuisine possesses – Turkish cafés, Hebrew/Middle Eastern snacks, Serbo-Croatian BBQ, Hungarian-Bohemian restaurants as well as traditional spots serving Viennese cuisine. Another tip if you are looking for something in the city center: If you are in town on a Friday or Saturday, don’t miss the Bio-Bauernmarkt Freyung (1010) offers only organic fare and is an absolute treat!

upscale restaurants

ef16 (1010) is somewhat of a secret even among the locals – its dishes are incredibly creative and tasty, and the menu features a variety of traditional Viennese dishes with a “nouvelle cuisine” spin. Meierei am Stadtpark (1010) is another classic favorite with beautiful outdoor seating and quirky cheese and milk variations. Labstelle (1010) focuses on organic, high-quality ingredients and works with some of the best suppliers in the country. The beautiful Salonplafond (1010) in the Museum für Angewandte Kunst has one of the best outdoor patios we have ever seen – it also serves excellent cocktails and drinks as well as breakfast that doesn’t break the bank. If it’s a special occasion you are getting ready for, try Steirereck (1010) which is #8 on this year’s list of 50 best restaurants worldwide, Mraz & Sohn (1200) (home of this year’s Chef of the Year!) or Clementine im Glashaus (1010). If you are after a slice of “old Vienna” and excellent people-watching, head over to Schwarzes Kameel for a glass of Grüner Veltliner and some of their legendary (and maybe a tad overpriced) sandwiches.

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Wine & cocktail bars

Having a drink at the Loos Bar (1010) (designed by famous Austrian architect Adolf Loos) is always a good idea. If you’re looking for a younger crowd, try Kleinod (1010) or Botanical Garden (1090). Krypt (1090) and The Birdyard (1080) are new spots which offer delicious drinks and an amazingly stylish interior, while MAST (1090) or Heunisch & Erben (1030) are two of Vienna’s finest wine bistros with an exceptional selection of Austrian and international wines. Other great wine bars are Pub Klemo (1050) and O boufés (1010).

local breweries

Since Austria only ranks a close second after the Czech Republic when it comes to per capita beer consumption, Vienna definitely has some great spots for beer lovers to offer! Among our favorites in the Inner City are Wiener Stadtbräu (1010) and Krah Krah (1010). A few minutes’ walk south east of Schwarzenbergplatz, you'll find the Salm Bräu (1030). This place has tons of history and offers a great selection of locally brewed beer specialties as well as their own Schnaps. Finally, in Vienna's trendy 7th district you'll find another amazing option for locally brewed beer called 7Stern Bräu (1070). If you feel adventurous be sure to try their Chili-Beer!


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