When we launched Vienna Food Tours in April 2016 we could have never expected all the amazing people we met, the food we were able to introduce you to and the stories we were able to share. We had a blast! As of February 2017, however, Vienna Food Tours (which is run solely by Melinda and Thomas) is taking a little break to make room for our baby due in April 2017. We are incredibly excited about spending time together as a family and definitely plan on running tours again later this summer - but probably not before June/July 2017. As always, we recommend signing up for our newsletter and/or following us on Facebook to find out when exactly new tours will commence. 

Until then, maybe this is of interest to you: We recently launched our brand new Ultimate Foodie Guide to Vienna, featuring 24 pages packed with 40 recommendations for restaurants, cafés, farmers markets, bars and clubs - basically ANYTHING you could wish for. Included as well: Typical Viennese phrases, lots of information on Austrian food and drinks, tips on what exactly to order as well as practical information on how to navigate the city.  The guide is available as a PDF download for only 9.90€. We hope this helps a little since we can't take you on a tour ourselves!