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Food tours are a fresh & new way of getting to know a city: It combines sampling delicious food and drinks (arguably one of the biggest parts of a country’s culture) with a fun way of meeting similar-minded people and also creates an easy and entertaining environment to find out more about both the city and country. Forget Schnitzel, pork roast or Sacher Torte – we’ll take you to Vienna’s finest restaurants and bars representing the “Neue Wiener Küche”: a lighter, more modern take on traditional Austrian and Viennese dishes. Because Vienna is best taken in on foot, this food tour is a walking one. Here's why our tour is a little different from others: We only feature 4 stops, and we sit down to have a delicious meal at 3 of them. This means there's no rushing you from market stalls to sample little bits and pieces here and there, but instead taking the time sit down and enjoy a lovely meal, chat, ask questions and enjoy a nice glass of wine. This is something we are quite famous for in Austria, actually: Our Gemütlichkeit. It's a way of life. Recently, one of our guests described our tour as a "progressive dinner with friends" on Tripadvisor, and we absolutely love that expression! We love meeting new people, hearing their stories and telling them interesting little tidbits about life in Vienna and Austria. 

Meet Melinda & Thomas

Meet Melinda & Thomas, your Vienna Food Tour Guides

Hi there! We're Melinda & Thomas: food lovers, new parents, binge watchers and cat owners. After touring most of South East Asia and going on countless food tours in the process, we pondered the question of actually starting our own food tour right here in our home town, Vienna/Austria. Both of us have a deep passion for food, and we're also big fans of that beautiful place we get to call home. So in 2016, we decided to combine those two things and introduce visitors to the city and its delicious food & drink.

Thomas grew up in Vienna’s 10th district - a true melting pot of all cultures, nationalities and cuisines - in between Turkish supermarkets, Eastern European restaurants and Viennese cafés, quickly developing a taste for exotic food as well as an interest in cooking traditional Austrian cuisine. Melinda has lived in 6 different Viennese districts over 10 years which made her acutely aware of the city's fast-changing appearance. Her love for onions, garlic and paprika comes from her Hungarian roots, which also equipped her with a high dosage of wanderlust and curiosity for other cultures. Together, they decided to combine all the interesting facts, figures, stories and anecdotes about Vienna, its food, people and culture into this food tour.

Come join us on a fun night filled with delicious food, great drinks and wonderful company.

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