Why our Vienna Food Tours are Perfect for Every Occasion

Why our Vienna Food Tours are Perfect for Every Occasion

When we started our business 3 years ago, our main goal was the following: To show people how the locals live, eat and drink here in Vienna, Austria. We purposely wanted to step away from the masses, the beaten track, the well-trotted path, and instead share our passion of food and this wonderful city we get to call home with others. On our tour, we treat people as our friends: We share our honest opinions, we ask a lot of questions and we don’t shy away from any topics at all.

Because Vienna is one of those incredible cities mixing together opposites (the old and the new, the traditional and the modern, the wine and the sparkling water) in such a wonderful way, our food tours can become many things as well! Over the past years, we have had the pleasure to organize and accompany exceptional experiences for groups sized 2 to 30 with completely different backgrounds and preferences. From a heart-felt family reunion over a corporate incentive outing to a romantic wedding anniversary or casual teambuilding event - our tours can be tailored exactly to your needs and wishes.

Here’s why our Vienna Food Tours are perfect for every occasion:

  • We easily allow you insider access to unique experiences. All of guides are not only passionate foodies but are either from Vienna directly or have lived here for a long time. We know everything about this city you can’t find in your travel book, for sure!

  • We make it possible for you to interact with the locals directly . Not only do we love to give recommendations for pretty much everything related to your stay in Vienna, you also often get to meet the people behind the places we visit. Our long-standing relationships with our suppliers quickly make our time together feel less like a tour and more like a wonderful feast with new friends.

  • We organize everything from A-Z. Wether it’s a large family you are trying to get together or a leisure component to your business outing, we take care of all the details so you can simply sit back and enjoy. Wouldn’t you like to do more than just pass through a destination while on a conference? Wouldn’t you rather have someone else everyone’s favorite uncle can complain to non-stop? We thought so.

Here are some things we have put together recently:

  • A “Vienna Foodie Day” including a bakery workshop, a peek behind the scenes and one of the city’s most amazing wineries and a stroll through one of our liveliest farmers markets.

  • A tour of Vienna’s best coffeehouses, from traditional to modern

  • A winery tour of some of Vienna’s best Heurigen including a full tasting and traditional “Brettljause”

  • A romantic evening for a special anniversary featuring some of Vienna’s high-end restaurants and cocktail bars

If you are looking for something special or out-of-the-ordinary for your stay in Vienna, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here. We’d love to help!