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Why our Vienna Food Tours are Perfect for Every Occasion

Because Vienna is one of those incredible cities mixing together opposites (the old and the new, the traditional and the modern, the wine and the sparkling water) in such a wonderful way, our food tours can become many things as well! Over the past years, we have had the pleasure to organize and accompany exceptional experiences for groups sized 2 to 30 with completely different backgrounds and preferences. From a heart-felt family reunion over a corporate incentive outing to a romantic wedding anniversary or casual teambuilding event - our tours can be tailored exactly to your needs and wishes.

Here’s why our Vienna Food Tours are perfect for every occasion.

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Why Vienna is Called the "City of Music"

If you hear “Austria”, you probably think of Sound of Music, Mozart and people yodeling in the mountains, yes? It might be a little clichéd but also true: To this day, Vienna is considered the music capital of the world - at least for classical music. We tell you where the locals in Vienna like to visit regularly to witness sublime musical performances.

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