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Why Vienna is Called the "City of Music"

If you hear “Austria”, you probably think of Sound of Music, Mozart and people yodeling in the mountains, yes? It might be a little clichéd but also true: To this day, Vienna is considered the music capital of the world - at least for classical music. We tell you where the locals in Vienna like to visit regularly to witness sublime musical performances.

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How To Travel Slow & Green in Vienna

There is something to be said about not simply ticking off one thing on your list after the other and racing through the city to get it all done but instead lingering a little, taking your time and slowing down. Slow travel has been around for some time now, but it seems 2019 will be the definite year of traveling slow & green. Let us help you how to do it when you’re in town! Here’s our rundown on how to travel slow & green in Vienna.

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